The Best Social Bookmarking Tools on the Web

When you look at the pervasiveness of online advertising today, it is difficult to believe that the earliest form of the internet, ARPNET and NSFNet did not allow advertising. However, NSFNET began to loosen its advertising restrictions by 1991. Twenty years later, revenue from internet marketing in the United States totaled 31.74 billion dollars. By 2012, online advertising revenue reached 36.75 billion dollars, which was more than a 15 percent increase over the previous year.

Clearly, online advertising has quickly become a priority for all companies with any sort of hope for success and future relevancy. What this means is the most technologically savvy and innovative companies will lead their respective industries into the future. In doing so, they will focus on important internet trends like social media, social bookmarking tools, and the top link building sites; and they will find ways that their businesses can benefit from each of these tools.

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